Minturn’s Timeline

February 21

1836 Robert Bowne Minturn born in New York

1849 Ute and Arapahoe conflict on Battle Mountain

1879 Town of Clinton, now called Gilman, forms

1881 Talamage family builds first house in Minturn

1882 George G. Booco builds cabin near the depot

1885 Road from Leadville, Red Cliff and Gilman reaches Minturn

1886 Town of Clinton renamed Gilman, after Henry Gilman, superintendent of Iron Mask Mine

1886 Six-stall roundhouse built
First Depot constructed

April 3

1887 Kingston Townsite appears on the railroad map

May 1

1887 Booco’s Station replaces Kingston Townsite on railroad maps

June 1

1887 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad arrives in Minturn, renamed for Robert B. Minturn, a shipping millionaire responsible for raising the money to bring the rails west

December 15

1889 Robert Bowne Minturn dies

1890 Minturn population is approximately 191

1891 First store opened in Minturn by Pierce and Richmond called the Minturn Mercantile Second depot constructed

1891-92 Minturn Messenger newspaper published by F.H. Davis and T.D. Peirce

1892 First school is built at 225 Pine Street
Miss Phifield is teacher for all grades


1892 Great fire destroys several downtown buildings

1892-93 Eagle Eye newspaper published by George and David Fownes

January – May

1899 Record snows block trains from running; coldest recorded winter in town history

1900 Minturn population rises to 428 residents

1901 W.H. Luby opens The Saloon


1904 George G. Booco donates large parcel of land to the town

September 5

1904 Updated school opens 243 Boulder Street, at the current location of old town hall; fifty students attend classes with Miss Secil Taylor and Miss Annabelle Herron

October 29

1904 Frank Steacy elected mayor; six trustees elected in first town election

November 15

1904 First town council meets; Minturn incorporated; Salaries set for marshall at $30 per month, clerk for $10 per month, treasurer for $5 per month, town attorney for $40 per month

1905 Holy Cross National Forest established with headquarters in Red Cliff

March 16

1908 Shopmen for the D&RG Railroad strike

1908 Ford introduces the Model T

1909 Squires Hotel built

1912 Empire Zinc Company consolidates private mining claims to form the Eagle Mine at Gilman
100-foot Turntable installed in railyard to turn larger engines

1913 Water lines laid from Cross Creek into town
St. Patrick’s Parish is built
Rio Grande Engine crashes through Roundhouse

1914 World War I begins

December 6

1915 Y.M.C.A., now known as the International Trade Center, dedicated
Empire Zinc Division of the New Jersey Zinc Co. buys Eagle Mine at Gilman


1917 Minturn United Presbyterian Church opens at Toledo and Main Streets with 21 members

1917 Sidewalks laid along Main Street

1919 Treaty of Versailles ends World War I

1920s Isabell and Nelson homesteads make Minturn the lettuce capital of the United States

1922 Pipefitters and mechanics strike against the D&RG Railroad until October 1924

August 7

1924 Minturn wired with electricity, courtesy of Public Service of Colorado

August 22

1924 State’s experimental farm grand opening

April 6

1926 State proposes Hwy. 24 through Minturn; town trustees oppose proposed path
Cemetary bridge replaced
Sunday amusements (such as movies and dancing) prohibited by Ordinance


1927 First organizaed pilgrammage to Mt. of the Holy Cross


1928 New 120-foot Turntable built to accommodate 3600-series engines

1929 New York Stock Market crashes

1930s Self-contained refrigerated rail cars eliminate need for ice house in Minturn

1933 Rod and Gun Club leases what is now known as Bolt’s Lake for public fishing, swimming, tennis and golf
Prohibition ends in the United States


1936 Katherine Mack elected first female mayor of Minturn; Nellie Young elected as first female council member

1936 U.S. Highway 24 completed over Battle Mountain

1936 Cosma Serna moves Rock Creek settlers to Taylor Street in Minturn

1938-42 Minturn Booster newspaper published every Friday by Roy Simpson

1939 World War II begins

1940 Gondolas packed with ore run loose along the tracks, all the way to Edwards. Red Cliff Bridge built over Belden Canyon. Highway 24 completed through Minturn (connecting the town to the east over Tennesee Pass.)
Red Cliff Bridge built over Belden Canyon
Highway 24 completed through Minturn, connecting the town to the east over Vail Pass

1940s Many young mineworkers are protected from the draft by providing contract metals for the efforts in World War II

1941 Cinder block school at 302 Pine Street built.
Water tank on Nelson Avenue hillside built.
Holy Cross National Forest headquarters moved to Minturn

December 5

1941 Japanese attack Pearl Harbor

1942 Camp Hale constructed as a temporary training camp for 10th Mountain Division

1943 Bill Burnett drafted into World War II

November 11

1944 D-Day


1946 Bill Burnett returns from an overseas assignment in the Phillipines

1950 Gilman mine employs more than 450

1951 Color TV introduced in America

August 1

1951 U.S. Postal Service issues a stamp (designed by Minturn Postmaster) with a picture of the Mt. of the Holy Cross; large parade and ceremonies brought 2,000 visitors, including the Postmaster General Pearson and former Governor John C. Vivian


1954 Unionized mineworkers strike in Gilman for 52 days

1956 Steam locomotives replaced with diesel; Roundhouse torn down in railyard

1959 Minturn votes to join county school district RE-50J
United Steelworks of America strike at Gilman for 6 months

1960s Railroad strike


1962 Vail Ski Area opens

1963 JFK assassinated


1964 Battle Mountain High School completed at Maloit Park on land leased from the school district

1965 U.S. troops sends troops to Vietnam

1966 New Jersey Zinc Company sells to Gulf and Western Industries

1967 Construction of Interstate 70 begins

1968 Walter Madrid first Mexican-American elected to Minturn Town Board

1969 Neil Armstrong becomes first man to land on the moon

1970 Vail Associates buys Meadow Mountain and Grouse Creek from Jack Oleson for $3 million and closes the small ski area there

1971 Vail Associates proposes expanding ski area for 1976 Olympics
United States Forest Services purchases Meadow Mountain from Vail Associates

1973 U.S. pulls troops out of Vietnam

1974 Richard Nixon resigns as President

January 18

1974 Beverly and Robert Storm open the Whistle Stop Inn, Motel & Restaurant

1975 Battle Mountain High School closes at Maloit Park; new Battle Mountain High School completed at Eagle-Vail

June 30

1975 Taylor Addition annexed to Minturn

1976 Town of Minturn offices open in old school building at 302 Pine St.

December 16

1977 Gilman mine shuts down, laying off 154 miners leaving 7 to work on clean up

1978 Minturn Middle School built at Maloit Park
Construction begins on the Beaver Creek ski area
Manpower Training and Developing Program implemented to train workers for new jobs


1978 Colorado Mountain College leases and remodels old high school at Maloit Park
Little Oklahoma (South Minturn) annexed to Minturn

1981 Personal computers introduced by IBM

1985 EPA lists Eagle Mine on National Priortiy list, declared Superfund Site

1986 Colorado Mountain College ends lease with school district RE-50J for Maloit Park

April 6

1982 Minturn adopts home rule governernment, first town manager hired

September 12

1990 MM IV level earthquake felt in Minturn; four more earthquakes hit Colorado that week


1991 Old Minturn Movie Theater at 201 Main Street demolished

1992 Cold War ends

1993 Movie shot in Belden Canyon (Tall Tales – Disney)

1996 Several rental houses demolished to build The Enclave

1997 Railroad Tennesee Pass line shutdown through Minturn

1998 Water lawsuit settled with Vail Associates


1998 Minturn Market opens on Saturdays

2000 New town center and post office completed at 302 Pine Street

February 2

2002 Winter Olympic torch goes through Minturn
Minturn joins the Eagle River Fire Protection District

New fire station is completed
New public works building completed near Cemetary
Riverview Cemetary is expanded and improved