Jerome Boulle

Jerome Boulle – Transylvania

Brigitte Brassart – Production Designer

Adam Wolny – Sound Editor

Delphine Mantoulet – Composer (Music Score)

Philippe Welsh – Recording, Sound/Sound Designer

Céline Bozon – Cinematographer

Rose-Marie Melka – Costume Designer

Christian Paumier – Producer

Emmanuel Gallet – Recording

Jerome Boulle – Recording

Tony Gatlif – Director, Producer, Composer (Music Score), Screenwriter

Monique Dartonne – Editor


2006-France-Road Movie


“An Italian woman intent on tracking down the Romany musician who impregnated her becomes lost in a world of Gypsies in director Tony Gatlif‘s meditative road drama. Convinced that her one-time lover Milan (Marco Castoldi) has been deported by French authorities and determined to let him know about his unborn child, Zingarina (Asia Argento), travels to Romania in the company of her motherly friend Marie (Amira Casar) in hopes of seeking out the elusive musician. Though Zingarina does eventually track Milan to a remote village festival, the rejection she is faced with soon drives the troubled mother-to-be to ditch her friend Marie during the trip back to France. Now wandering the Romanian countryside as her future grows ever more bleak, Zingarina enters into a tentative romance with itinerant trader Tchangalo (Birol Ünel), whose gruff exterior masks a sensual inner beauty.”

Critic: Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide.