Domaine les Aphillanthes 2004 Côtes-du-Rhône

Rouge 13.5%

Grenache Noir 75%,

Carignan 15%,

Mourvèdre 10%.

Until 1998 the wines from this domaine got lost at the local co-op, at which point owners Daniel and Hélène Boulle went independent.

Now they’re viewed as rising stars of the southern Rhône, employing BD methods with their 37 hectares since 2003.

Daniel isn’t looking for big extracted wines; instead he wants lively fruit that gives a real sense of terroir.

Daniel Boulle, Wine Maker

Best opened 30 minutes or so before serving.

A deep garnet colour, showing a damson fruit nose before Mouvèdre’s classic gamey/animal notes show through. The palate is very pure, with no oak to mask the fruit quality. Designed for relatively youthful drinking, this is ready now but will improve a little over the next 12-18 months. Very juicy and complex, damsons again and also a dried cherry undercurrent on the palate. Dark mineral notes and an excellent texture make this wine complete.


This is a structured CdR, more in the style of a Gigondas (the domaine is at Travaillan, just north west of Gigondas) and with none of the flabby character so often found in more rustic examples. Excellent

Les Boulle en France : 2 070 personnes; 2 070 personnes portent le nom Boulle aujourd’hui en France selon les estimations de L’Internaute.

Le nom Boulle figure au 3 375e rang des noms les plus portés en France. Les départements dans lesquels les Boulle sont le mieux représentés :

  • Aveyron (12) : Boulle, 38e nom le plus porté
  • Yonne (89) : Boulle, 159e nom le plus porté
  • Ille-et-Vilaine (35) : Boulle, 739e nom le plus porté
  • Oise (60) : Boulle, 933e nom le plus porté
  • Ain (01) : Boulle, 975e nom le plus porté
Les Boulle en France
Les Boulle en France
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Une communauté de Boulle dans douze pays. Grande Réunion en 2010…

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